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This page is for the Exorcist universe Nick. You may be looking for Nick Chowa (TWTWE)

Nick Chowa is a fictional character, created by nixodemus1, and the protagonist in Exorcist. He is a male, teenage, African-American who lives in North Carolina. Nick is a computer nerd and loves video games.

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit


  • Blood Black: Through unknown methods, he was able to regrow his whole arm in a matter of seconds after it had been cut off. When it regenerated it was covered in gold armor had created a sword in his hand. The sword and armor appear anytime his right arm is cut.
  • Demon Eyes: An ability gifted to him by a demon, he is able to shoot lasers from his eyes. His eyes turn red and he is blinded afterwards for the same amount of time he uses the laser.
  • Heightened senses: Also gifted by the demon, all five of his senses are heightened.
  • Fire Manipulation: He is able to create and manipulate fire and explosions.
  • Black Blood: Chaos: A combination of fire and lightning.

Equipment Edit

  • Handgun: He carries some type of handgun throughout most of the series. It holds 20 "holy bullets" and 2 "net bullets".
  • Katana: His "Blood Black" power creates a katana from his blood.

Relationships Edit



Appearances Edit

Exorcist Book One

Exorcist Book Two

Exorcist: Black Reign

Trivia Edit


Exorcist Book One

Exorcist Book Two


Nixodemus1's friend, Russ3407

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