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Welcome to the The Way The World Ends WikiaEdit

Welcome to the The Way The World Ends wiki! The wiki for TWTWE and all things nixodemus1.

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What is TWTWE?Edit

"TWTWE is the title of a comic i did while in highschool. the comic was honestly just me messing around and having fun. i wanted to see what i could do if i had an actuall story going instead of funny comic strips like in comix and this was the result. honestly i made it up as i went along and was really lazy with the drawing so it isn't that good but im still pretty proud of how it turned out. this comic is something i worked on over a whole year and something i got to 100 pages. i don't think i've ever managed to make a comic that long before.  its far from perfect but i loved working on this piece of crap, and i hope you enjoy reading my piece of crap.

TWTWE is set in a modern day setting where the world actually did end in 2013, and me and the school are some of the last remaining survivers. we try our hardest to stay alive and figure out exactly how we got to where we were and why we of all people were the only ones to survive. meanwhile a new unknown thret lurks in the shadows. can we survive? find out next time on dragon ba- sorry wrong series. on TWTWE!"

-nixodemus1's introduction to TWTWE.

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